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As a distributor, you shall search for the right projects or Post your Project needs – Movies, Web-Series, Short Films, Ad Films, Documentaries etc, Post your own  Project Needs, Challenges, Ideas Solicitations, etc. Our top-class member Creators are waiting for you.


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digital Nomads, IT Consultants, Technicians, Engineers, Creative Workers, Are you Looking for a Project work engagement ( Onsite or Remote )? Here is your One-Stop opportunity Hub.

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As an Independent Producer, you shall mentor and engage with creative members like Directors, Actors, Music Directors, etc, form teams, create products, and deliver solutions for the libertyOne society’s clients.

“In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer.

Historically, learners have possessed certain attributes. They anticipate rather than react to change. Remember, technology changes in course of the time. Like a brave explorer, at any point in time, try new territories, skills, and strategies to earn commendable paychecks. Menschforce has developed a society where consultants and clients could come together and get win-win results by simply collaborating and cooperating on projects and tasks. It’s a platform where trust the skill-force as the skills of consultants are verified and paying capacity of the companies is checked before they get registered. In Menschforce, consultants have full independence in terms of calculating how much time they need to devote and how much they wish to earn. The beautiful thing is that the consultants are not stuck in one place. They could work from anywhere. They could practically enjoy the much-said phrase,” enjoy work and Lifestyle together”. Similarly, companies don’t have to worry about looking for manpower consistently. Menschforce could take that burden easily as Menschforce presents as the reservoir of manpower. And the key thing is, if the companies feel deficient in any technological understandings, Menschforce has the full capability to address any technological concepts and advancements

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Staff augmentation is a powerful tool for any organization’s arsenal, but not many understand the different types of staff augmentation and how to choose the right model. menchForce is the perfect place to get started. Why work harder and burden your company with the task of talent-hunting when it could simply be outsourced to a specialist like MENSCHFORCE. With a consistent flow of talent from us, your pool of skills will never touch the inadequate mark. Once we become an extension of your business, menschForce workers will fulfill your on-demands skills, and our resources are managed in real-time like pressing a button on a remote-control device.

What your company benefits from 

Business View

Skill View

Development View

Low Talent Acquiring Cost Immediate Skill Substitution Full control of the development process
Lesser Contracting Efforts No Skill gaps Complete flexibility in organizing workforce
Augment capacity Expert and qualified resources Workforce Transparency
Increased Agility Global Talent Highly Automated Development & Delivery
Reduced Go-To-Market Time Driven by Innovation & Center of Excellence. Flexible and highly effective DevOps

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Our core services

Running by yourself on the track is mere practice—not competition–MENSCHFORCE 

MenscForce Equation

Complex Systems + Services + Revenues -> Demands Management.

Along with signing the responsibility clauses in the agreements, give your client the confidence in your capability in meeting any level of their future technological expansions and advancements.  Let’s Talk

Growth impediments? Resource-deficient Phase?

Having symptoms as

  • Clearly not meeting the revenue and financial graphs
  • Facing productivity issues
  • An insufficient pool of knowledge
  • Inadequate technology tools
  • Not able to maintain quality of service
  • Overspending budgets and other pivotal resources.
  • Service loggerheads, bottlenecks, downtimes, and decrement.
  • Losing both, data and clients
  • Excessive time and resource consumption in mending prevalent business applications to meet current requirements.

Why have Break-fixes styles of working? Promise your clients the holistic solutions in all components of their supply chains. 

Fortune 100 Companies
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MenschForce is a Cooperative Society styled organization that welcomes individual Participants with Liberty, dignity, and freedom of trade. While individualism is the core Ideology of menschForce, we also realize that for managing clients and delivering Project engagements, there shall be a team formation under certain leadership from time to time. At the same time, we are very cautious about not creating a hierarchical structure and middle-man within the organization. So, we have created various Partner models for both Business Development and Delivery. So, essentially there is temporary, engagement-based collectivism under a leadership without compromising individualism. Learn more about the Partnerships by visiting our Partner Programs.

It takes a delicate balance to set up a sourcing partnership that is mutually beneficial to buyers and providers of IT services. Lasting win-win partnerships flourish only when both sides are satisfied: Buyers see consistently strong results from their investments that positively influence business outcomes, and providers are empowered with a sense of ownership and incentivized to think big, innovate and outperform in their own right.

Doing business without progressing in technology is as good as practicing wisdom without growing in knowledge –MENSCHFORCE 

As science wouldn’t cease to advance, so wouldn’t the businesses. If you are experiencing business stagnations, recheck your present state of technological affairs.

Evaluate Current Technology pushing to business stagnations  you need Menschforce

(Technology solutions provider)

Menschforce – a one-stop technology sourcing solution has been helping businesses to work smarter and raise their profitability graphs by providing technology solutions to a multitude of customers worldwide. It increases the output of processes by training them with in-demand technological solutions, principals of business reengineering, its own concepts of smart automation and superior intelligence, and simply with the years of experience and technical know-how. 

Along with signing the responsibility clauses in the agreements, give your client the confidence in your capability in meeting any level of their future technological expansions and advancements.  Let’s Talk

menschForce Field makes recruiting and handling an on-demand, trusted, verifiable, worldwide technician workforce easy and effortless.

menschForce Field,  helps clients find qualified technicians in local and remote areas to provide coverage to the client projects on short notice. We help you scale your operations without having to face larger overheads and bottlenecks. We dispatch the boots to the ground very fast using smart contracts and automated quick settlement of funds that make them happy and safe working for your projects.

The goal of our field technicians is to drive service success that improves customer satisfaction, maximizes customer retention and increases customer profitability.

Engagement Model:

Step1: Post Requirement or Search Technician from worldwide menschForce network.

Step 2: Work with an Independent MenschForce Partner for engagement  Management.

Step 3: Sign the contract and start engaging the worker.

Step 4: Easily manage the projects through the state-of-the-art project/program management and productivity tools provided for free.

Step 5: Easily pay the engagement fee through bank deposits, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Pay Pal, digital Assets, etc., our settlement process is instantaneous as we convert and handle the payment settlements internally as karma Capsules.

Our professional creative workers combine principles of art and management together.  Their art-skills focus on telling stories with emotions and information whereas management-skills capture the brand attachment part.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to deliver the perfect look to your products.

If professional creative work is the wheel in motion, all constituents of Brand Management are spokes to support it – None exists in isolation

Menschforce Equation

Creative brand work = Design (brand + innovation + storyline + business vision)

Engagement Model

Creative Work in Progress = You Drive + We Design

Current Project Opportunities

Why Managed Services? Why MENSCHFORCE?
  • Makes the key processes management and their expansions easier.
  • Let seasoned professionals handle vital processes.
  • Keeps your focus on strategic operations and business core competencies
  • Give Predictable cost model to handle work – no cost overruns
  • Stops you from being the subject of quirks of individual contractors
  • Prevents any productivity and profit bleeding
  • Pro mitigating growth-impediments strategies – anticipation  & prevention

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Technology Advisory

We provide the best-in-class Information Technology Advisory Services to clients from various Industry verticals and a larger spectrum of domains. The technology advisory spectrum ranges from Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Acceleration, Cloud Computing, Robotic Process Automation, and more.

digital Transformation Advisory

We use the cutting-edge of Edge Computing & IoT technologies to increase the public’s accessibility to smart Devices, Robots, Drones, smart Vehicles and smart healthcare Systems.

Product Development

The most prominent feature of consulting engagement with menschForce is the ability to buy or sell finished work products are assets. Our employees, consultants, and vendors bring their best ability to the system and create unique products or solutions that are desirable in the marketplace.

Workshops & Seminars

We offer in-house and external training, seminars and workshops on the Ai, Data Science, IoT and blockchain technologies and related fields.

Automated Integration Models

Integrating your Vendor Management, service management, Work-Day Solutions, and accounting system with menschForce shall provide fantastic value to your business and create efficiency across the board. We shall bring in automated end-to-end solutions through digital Adoption techniques.

Start Up Incubation

Optimize your business case with Ai, IoT and blockchain technologies . We incubate startUps to be industry leaders  and connect them with investors.

Costing Models






Our clients

Our clients include many of the world’s best-performing and most admired companies, startups, fintechs, law firms, and industry organizations as well as United States and international regulatory and government agencies.

We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting client relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

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